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Customer Reviews

My nephew love this Jack Skellington watch! It is simple yet well-made. It was delivered, exactly as I would picture it to be. Over all great value for the price!

David C.

Certainly, love these leggings! My order just came in today and I instantly fell in love with them. They felt so comfortable when I tried them on. Although they're a bit too big for me. I'm 5"6 and 165 lbs, if you're about the same size as mine, go for a size smaller. Hoping to shrink them in the dryer though.

Hannah P.

Nice and sleek. I love this Nightmare Before Christmas wallet! Fits in my pocket and it holds everything I need. Super convenient for getting your cards in and out. 

Lynn J.

My new shoes are awesome. I initially hesitated on getting this pair. But I couldn't resist the Jack Skellington print.  They're very lightweight and comfortable. The design is bright and polished . I've never seen anything like these before. I wouldn't mind ordering another one of these soon :)

Carlo M.

Super love these shoes! Fits well. Not too bulky or heavy. They felt incredibly comfortable when I used them for my workouts. Definitely worth the wait!

Gabriel S.

Such a lovely and elegant bracelet. Beautiful detailing! I bought it for myself and my daughter and she love them. It's a little hard to clasp but I don't mind. All in all, it was solidly made. Will order again as gifts!!!

Sharon Z.

Look so much cooler in person! It's has lots of compartments to neatly organize my cards, cash and receipts. Soft, spacious and durable. I would love it even better if it has a zippered compartment for my coins. Nonetheless, great purchase.

Sammy K.

Really adoraaaable :) It is the perfect piece for anyone who wants to add a cute statement piece in their outfit. 

Penny H.

What an AWESOME sweater! The knit is pretty thick and loose. I love how it keeps me comfy and warm. The exterior design is kick ass! It is certainly a well manufactured item. I can easily wear this over any shirt and I'd look fabulous. I'd recommend it to everyone, it won't disappoint. Love it!

Jade G.

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