10 Goth Decor Ideas: How to Slay that Gothic Bedroom Design

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Are you looking for a few goth decor inspirations?

Sometimes goth is a fashion statement, sometimes it's a calling. When the love for all things black, Victorian, and Punk is dashed with a pinch of angst, rebellion, and elegance then you're definitely a true blooded goth. Whether it's your fishnet stockings or your black liner, you can express your true darkness both on the outside and even on the confines of your own room.

Redecorating your house to reflect your personal style is a great way to nourish your creativity. However, finding ideas to transform your space into a gothic inspired room can be challenging. Renovations or even hiring an interior designer can be expensive. Good thing, creating your own gothic haven using wallpaper, throw pillow, ornaments, and tapestries can easily revamp your living space into a spooky oasis.

If you're looking for ideas and inspirations on how to recreate your living space, using budget-friendly decors. We've curated the best ornaments to add accents of dramatic elegance in your bedroom. Here are the best goth inspired accessories to achieve an inviting gothic aesthetic in your own room.

1. Instantly Gothify Your Bed with Decorative Throw Pillows.

Spruce up your lovely bed, sofa or chair with a cuddly and elaborate throw pillow cases. Switch those floral and geometric designs with grotesque skull-patterned pillowcases made of textured linen fabric.
These pillowcases offer goth and punk details that will truly captivate your inner darkness. Imagine how a cushion can give your bare armchair a splash of color and depth to your living room. This Nightmare Before Christmas pillow covers gives the best eerie vibe to make your bed a comfortable and relaxing realm for sleep and dreams.

2. Achieve An Eerie Vibe with These Vintage Steampunk Inspired Wall Clock Decors

Wall Clocks are not just made for telling time. This spooky Nightmare Before Christmas Wall Clock is made of an antique-style vinyl disk that makes creepy look cool. These are frightening ornaments that add a touch of goth appeal on bare walls. If you are opting for a more minimalist approach, this wall clock is a great accent accessory to decorate your black or grey walls. To complete the goth aesthetic, include industrial or steampunk decorations to get that Tim Burton edge.

3. Get That Spine-chilling and Evil Ambiance Using Canvas Wall Art As Centerpiece On Your Room.

Wall art plays a vital role in interior decoration, it can make or break the overall effect of a design. Hanging these large pieces of wall art on your room is all you need to get that gothic vibe. This skull watercolor artwork will balance out the dark colors in a room, giving it depth, mystery, and color. It's a great alternative for a bed frame. Meanwhile, kids will love this Nightmare Before Christmas wall art for a touch of whim and darkness in your bedroom.

4. Be Theatrical Using Frame Up Posters for A Goth-Inspired Cinematic Decor

Line up your favorite goth movie posters on your wall to get a retro cinema look. This Nightmare Before Christmas poster carries all the goth, gore and macabre the comes with the movie. Hang it asymmetrically all over your bedroom wall for a grotesque look. If your painting your room with the color of gloom like gray, black, white or maroon adding wall decors are a great finishing touch to tie together the accent colors used in your home decor. To achieve a modern gothic bedroom decor, try adding this oddly surprising Nightmare Before Christmas posters on your bedroom wall.

5. Cover Up Your Nightmares with Darker Bed Sheets Designed with Gothic Prints and Patterns

Bedcovers are vital for a good night's sleep but it's also important in making a cohesive bedroom interior. These skull printed sheets with floral details can instantly complete the goth aesthetic of your room. The bedding set includes, sheets, pillowcases, and a duvet to ensure that the overall design looks perfectly in sync along with your entire room decoration. The striking skeletal print gives a lasting impression especially if the goal is to achieve that sinister yet stylish bedroom design.

6. Accessorize Your Flooring with Skull Patterned Doormats.

Welcome your guest with skull patterned doormats for an accent of something freaky and haunting. Interior design is all about details. To achieve that goth look, work on adding elaborate ornaments that bring an accent of the undead, horror, and supernatural to your home accessories. Although rugs or doormats may be the last thing on your mind, doormats are useful accessories suitable for keeping your carpet and flooring free from dust and dirt. These waterproof doormats make a great decoration for both indoor and outdoor as well. 

7. Give An Accent of Freaky and Bizarre with Skulls, Toys, and Detailed Decorations.

Goth culture has a strong relationship with the morbid, and the occult. Make the most out of Halloween inspired decorations, and add ornate pieces such as skull shaped plant box, resin sculptures, action figures and all things anatomical and gory. Decorating bookshelves, coffee tables, and side tables with these grotesque accents can make a cohesive modern gothic bedroom decor. Sleep in peace knowing that your personal space is filled with items and pieces that truly speak your inner darkness.

8. Jewelry as Eccentric Decorative Ornaments for a Truly Gothic Piece.

Make your own DIY goth decor, and hang your favorite necklaces and bracelet in a makeshift jewelry hanger using tree branches, towel hangers, and old frames. Use them as wall accents or a beautiful addition to your vanity mirror. Either way, jewelry is not just great for accessorizing your outfits but your bedroom too. Use your creativity in organizing your necklaces, earrings, and piercings to avoid a tangled mess.

9. Invest in Lighting Fixtures to Bring Decadence and Elegance in Your Gothic Space

Illuminate the reigning darkness in your modern goth bedroom, with some statement lighting designs. Whether it's installing sculptural chandeliers, fairy lights or just a simple table lamp lighting is a key component in your room decor. Use this spooky bedside lamp, with a skull-shaped bulb to create a rustic vibe. Or take advantage of old Halloween decorations, like this beautiful running horse lantern to add a touch of color to your gothic home interior.

10. Hang Dramatic Goth Themed Tapestries for a 10-Second Room Renovation

Decorating with tapestries brings warmth and dimension to your room. These charming selection of skull-printed tapestries create a dark focal point on your bedroom. It's an easy way to add extravagance on a large empty wall. It's also great for making small spaces look wider. Use them as accent pieces on sofas and bed to make a quick and easy transformation. These romantic and abstract skull patterns are impressive goth decors to bring character and mystery to your bedroom.


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