10 Ideas to Throw A Kick-Ass Nightmare Before Christmas Party

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Planning a party is the best time to get crafty and creative. If you're looking for a way to go all out in your celebration, Theme parties are always an excellent choice for extravagant decors.

If you want a motif that could bring excitement, spook, playfulness and a bit of Disney magic. Then, a Nightmare Before Christmas party will surely bring endless entertainment to your guest.

Whether it's for a crazy and ghoulish Halloween party, an extravagant birthday bash for your kids or a festive Christmas party, Jack Skellington and Sally would definitely be a great addition to your merrymaking. Now parties are not just fun and games, it takes a lot of brainstorming, DIY tricks, and a whole load of creative juices to throw one. It's the reason why we collected the best ideas on everything from decorations, food, and activities to kickstart a spooktacular Nightmare Before Christmas celebration.

1. Make your colors match!

The key to an eye-catching theme party is picking out the right color palette. To capture the eerie vibe of Halloween Town, mixing dark colors with bright ones is a great way to make a good first impression. For a more subdued look try shades of black, white and gray. If you want a more energetic and cheerful vibe mix black with shades of orange or purple.

2. Use Nightmare Before Christmas quotes and lyrics for a fun party slogan.

Having a memorable catchphrase for your party makes it easier for people to talk about your event. It's a great time to come up with something short, witty or funny. It also adds personality to your celebration making it unique and memorable. Use favorite lines and lyrics from the movie to bring a touch nostalgia. Example: What's This! Halloween Town Spook Festival!

3. Startle your guest with creative invitations.

Weddings, Baby Showers, Gender Reveal, Birthdays, and Anniversaries, celebrating these milestones are never official until you start sending out invites. Creating a colorful and put-together invitation is as important as your decor. Whether it's through e-mail or instant message adding a bit of creative flair makes your party feel as important as your guest. Try these simple yet elegant Nightmares Before Christmas cartoon designs for your next celebration.

4. Make DIY party favors or give your guest a small gift to remember.

Who doesn't love receiving gifts? Making your own DIY party favor is a great way to save money and to give your guest something special to remember. This Oogie Boogie bag makes a charming giveaway for kids. Add candies, marbles or any kind of small ornaments inside for a lovely loot bag. If you have an older group of people, these Jack and Sally Nightmares Before Christmas keychains are an adorable giveaway for both teens and adults.

5. Plan out games and activities for some ghoulish entertainment.

The best way to break the ice and force people to mingle with each other is to come up with party games. Whether it's a chill dinner with friends or a rambunctious children's party everyone would be enticed to join a challenging scavenger hunt or an easy trivia game. You can also make your own bingo cards filled with the famous characters of Halloween Town. On the other hand, for people who are more inclined to creative pursuits, this DIY diamond embroidery would be a nice way to kill time. For adults, change up the rules of a typical board game to make it an exciting drinking game.

6. Use Nightmare Before Christmas fonts for flashy banners.

You know what they say great banners make great parties. This easy addition to your decoration gives an instant festive appeal. You can print them out on your own or buy one in the local supermarket. Hanging banners around your venue is a wonderful way to perk up a place.

7. Make an Instagram-worthy table backdrop.

The centerpiece of all party decoration is the table backdrop. To make sure that your entire aesthetic match up with the rest of the design plan your backdrop ahead of time. Using framed wall art, canvas pieces and DIY Nightmare Before Christmas pop up cutouts would easily make a stunning effect.

8. Use edible decorations

A feast is not always expected in a party but giving your visitors something delicious to snack on is always a treat. If it's a birthday, a marvelous cake or a plateful of cupcakes is always welcome. Be creative with your desserts, a Jack Skellington inspired cake pops would look exquisite along with your backdrop. The key is dressing up your platter to match your decor. If you've seen the Nightmare Before Christmas cast, you'd know that the folks of Halloween Town are quite uncanny. Design your appetizers to look like skulls, worms, spiders and other creepy objects. Give your drinks a creative twist such as Frog's Breath, Worms Wort, Blood Lemon and more.

8. Dress to impress!

The heart of a theme party is its extravagance. If you're going in that direction, might as well go big or go home. One of the most exciting things to do when you're invited to a party is dressing up. Whether it's a costume party or not, preparing a fun outfit is a fantastic way to catch the crowd's attention. Choose a gothic-inspired dress to match the dark theme of Nightmare Before Christmas or get a Jack Skellington costume for a crazy look.

9. Invest in toys, figurines, and other accessories to level-up your decor.

Any fan of Tim Burton's stop-motion film must be guilty of keeping a Halloween Town inspired merchandise somewhere. Whether it's a cute plush toy, legos, a poster, books or any kind of accessory. Adding them in your decoration would definitely enhance your venue's charm.

10. Prepare the camera and take tons of pictures!

Throwing a party takes a lot of elaborate planning sometimes we forget to enjoy the moment and take photos with our friends. Don't put all your decorations to waste and make sure to take plenty of pictures. You can also set up a simple photo booth to capture the fun and amusing moments.

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