10 Nightmare Before Christmas Figurines & Toys To Add To Your Awesome Collection.

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Have you ever loved a movie so much you wanted to touch it?

Perhaps the cornerstone of every action-figure made is to address that strong emotion. However, When Nightmare Before Christmas premiered on October 1993, it was considered as a moderately successful film. Which may seem unfathomable given its current success in pop culture history. The truth is, Jack Skellington's rise to fame was a slow climb, that came as a surprise even to its creators. Despite their efforts to use Tim Burton's name as a marketing ploy, it failed to lure enough audience to make it a blockbuster hit.

Nightmare Before Christmas 1993 Hasbro Action Figure

For a moment it seemed like dark musical fantasies might just be too strange to be as successful as Burton's previous films such as Beetlejuice (1988), Edward Scissorhands (1990) and the Batman movies. Just like the film's mediocre audience reception, their first line of Nightmare Before Christmas figurines and toys released by Hasbro also suffered the same fate. Due to poor sales, the action-figures were cleared out of the stores even before the toy collectors could even realize their true value. Making the original Hasbro figurines one of the rarest and most expensive versions in the market today.

Shortly afterward, the arrival of home video releases and the perennial re-broadcast of Nightmare Before Christmas on television and on VHS kindled the appreciation for the film. Creating an extraordinary phenomenon where initial demand actually exceeded the number of materials available. Today, almost 25 years after it was displayed on the big screen, the strong influence of Jack Skellington and Sally perseveres from the Millenials of the 90s until the future generation.

As a result, Nightmare Before Christmas has become a profitable source of income. Creating thousands of merchandise everything from mugs, legos, t-shirt and, among the most popular are figurines or action figures. Around 2004 to 2007, NECA revived the Hasbro line making elaborate Nightmare collectibles of 24 figures. These 6-inch Jack Skellington dolls and Halloween Town characters are faithful to their on-screen counterparts. They are built with fervent attention to detail, making them an exceptional ornament that serves as an excellent testament of how Nightmare Before Christmas had inspired its fans.

Nightmare Before Christmas Neca Action Figure

Collecting toys is an integral part of every fandom because it gives is an emotional connection to things that we love and care about. Here at MyGiftofToday.com, we share your passion for everything Nightmare Before Christmas. Whether your goal is to relive the wonderful memories of your childhood, the fulfillment of possessing rare items or simply a way to show your support for Disney's classic claymation. These incredible lists of the coolest and most exciting Jack Skellington and Sally stuff toys, figurines, and action-figure found in our shop will surely ignite your inner fanboy or fangirl.

1. Jack Skellington Bobble Head Action Figure

Jack Skellington Bobble Head Action Figure

This eye-catching Jack Skellington PVC action figure is reminiscent of the pop-culture favorite collectible, Funko Pop. This bust sculpture is 11-centimeters long with an incredible soldier finish. This version illustrates a friendlier and a more child-like image of Jack, ideal for kids and collectors who want to steer clear from the film's darker roots. 

2. Nightmare Before Christmas 25th Anniversary Miniature Action Figure Collectible Toys 6-Piece Set

Nightmare Before Christmas 25th Anniversary Miniature Action Figure Collectible Toys 6-Piece Set

This miniature Nightmare Before Christmas character set will instantly fill up your shelves with a spooktacular mold of the entire Halloween Town cast. This 6-piece bundle comes with a detailed figure of Jack Skellington, Sally, Barrel, Lock Shock and Zero. This PVC puppet type model is five to seven inches long. Although, slightly different from the original claymation figure this set is a whimsical decoration that anyone would enjoy.

3. Nightmare Before Christmas 6-Piece "Russian Doll" Miniature Action Figure 

Nightmare Before Christmas 6-Piece PVC Miniature Action Figure Set

Unique and vibrant, this imaginative version of The Nightmare Before Christmas characters features Jack, Sally, Santa Jack, Lock, Barrel and Shock in a single bundle. You would definitely love the unique design elements of this piece which resemble the colorful and round shape of a Russian doll. Sculpted with a durable PVC material, this figurines comes with a dimension of 6, 12 and 3.5 centimeters. 

4. Sandy Claws a.k.a Santa Jack Bobble Head Action Figure

Sandy Claws a.k.a Santa Jack Bobble Head Action FigureDid you know that the most expensive Nightmare Before Christmas action figure is Santa Jack from series one of Hasbro's original collection? In fact, it was being sold on eBay for up to $700. Although this Santa Jack version might not be as expensive or as rare, this one offers the same charm. Sculpted with an elaborate red suit, this version of Jack never appeared in the movies. However, it would be exciting to see the Pumpkin King wearing a different outfit for the potential Nightmare Before Christmas sequel. 

5. Jack Skellignton "Wacky Wobbler" Nightmare Before Christmas Vinyl Figurine with Retail Box

Jack Skellignton Nightmare Before Christmas PVC Vinyl Action Figure Collectible Toy with Retail Box

This stand-out Bobble-Head figurine is designed with imaginative details. Crafted with unique features such as Jack's floral eyes, and a spider web detail on its forehead. This funky version of Jack is ten centimeters long and it is made with a beautiful soldier finish PVC material. With its exceptionally playful appearance, this action figure is an absolute must-have in your collection. 

6. Jack Skellington Miniature Figurine and Coffin Collectible

Jack Skellington Miniature Figurine and Coffin Collectible

The Pumpkin King is literally rising from his death bed, in this miniature Nightmare Before Christmas figurine. Designed with exceptional attention to detail, this toy features include one Jack Skellington figurine and one miniature coffin. Constructed with a dimension of only six centimeters long, this miniature toy is definitely a cute addition to your collection.

7. Jack Skellington in a Tuxedo Bobble Head PVC Action Figure Collectible Toy

Jack Skellington in a Tuxedo Wacky Wobbler Bobble Head PVC Action Figure Collectible Toy

The lanky bone daddy definitely looks like a dapper gentleman in this Bobble-Head action figure. Crafted with a durable Vinyl material, this Jack Skellington ornament stands for about 16 centimeters. This stunning piece offers an elaborate detail, almost similar to the film. This collectible is an original Wacky Wobbler with a retail box. 

8. Jack Skellington in a Santa Outfit Christmas Collection PVC Action Figure Coin Bank

Jack Skellington in a Santa Outfit Christmas Collection PVC Action Figure Coin Bank

A great Nightmare Before Christmas collection comes with a great amount of investment. Before hunting down vintage Jack Skellington pieces, one must learn how to save money. This Santa Jack version is a utilitarian figurine, with its coin bank feature. Standing 13 centimeters long, this functional toy is more than just a sculpture it's also a great way to enjoy the art of saving money.

9. Nightmare Before Christmas Characters Plush Toys Pendant Keychain Assorted Designs

Nightmare Before Christmas Characters Plush Toys Pendant Keychain Assorted Designs

Spooky, adorable and most of all irresistibly fluffy this pendant key chain showcases your favorite Nightmare Before Christmas characters in a form of cuddly stuff toys. A great decoration and a useful accessory, you can choose between an assortment of design. Whether you want Jack, Sally, Zero, Pumpkin, Scary or the whole set. Adding this on your cart is a great way to give your growing collection a boost. This stuffed toy collection is 14 centimeters long and it's constructed with premium plush fabric with soft cotton filling. 

10. Jack Skellington Nightmare Before Christmas Miniature Stuffed Plush Toy

Jack Skellington Nightmare Before Christmas Miniature Stuffed Plush Toy

If plastic toys are not your thing, fear not, because this Jack Skellington plush toy is plenty cute. Crafted with soft cotton material and a durable plush fabric this fuzzy, Bone Daddy stuff toy may not be as scary but it's very huggable. With a size of 20 centimeters, finding a spot for this unique collectible would be easy. Whether you'll save it for yourself or give it to your kids, this stuffed toy is definitely a treat

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