15 Nightmare Before Christmas Backpack & Tote Bag Collection You'll Love for Work and Travel

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Halloween is still a few months away but nothing can dampen the timeless charisma of a Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise.

Through the changing times, Disney's classic stop-motion endures a lasting legacy from one generation after another. The enthralling combination of memorable characters, songs, and setting had spawned an unmatched atmospheric experience in cinematic history. The main characters, Jack Skellington and Sally, had appeared in thousands of collectible merchandise. Did you know that Nightmare Before Christmas is known for its iconic goods ranging from Funko Pop's figurines, Loungefly's backpack collection, Lego's Minifigures and the most recent one is Target's spooky kitchenware line?

Now if shopping for mugs, home decor ornaments or car accessories do not interest you. Perhaps a stylish, a wearable and a travel-friendly Nightmare Before Christmas backpacks and tote bags will entice you. Bags are the handiest accessory you could ever own. Unless you've mastered Marie Kondo's art of tidying up, your daily necessities might need a container or two to keep your life organized. After all, if you want a statement accessory to elevate your style getting a handbag is the most convenient choice. If you're a collector with a shelf full of Nightmare Before Christmas characters. It's about time to shift your collections from action figures to Jack Skellington backpacks that you can use for work, school and travel.

Good thing, we've curated a special collection of bags designed to endure a variety of uses. These unique Nightmares Before Christmas bag collection is a force to be reckoned with. You can cram your daily essentials such as laptops, chargers, wallets, books, and cellphones without any hassle. Take them to your commute, at the office, for a night out or while grocery shopping. Here are 15 of the coolest accessory you'll ever need to combine fashion and function in one object.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Backpack Collection

A few years ago, wearing a backpack was considered a fashion crime. No one would even believe that you're a fully functioning adult if you have those things firmly strapped in your back. Back then only the bright-eyed school kids can get away with that two-strap style. In fact, you can forget about being recognized as a responsible working adult if you even dare to replace those pretty shoulder or messenger bags with something so juvenile. Good thing a fashion resurgence has come and the backpack is back in business. The coming of age of street style had once again favored the comfortable, the functional and the practical. Thus, backpacks are now glazed with grown-up charm. If you love Loungefly's collaboration with Nightmare Before Christmas. You'll surely go head over heels with MyGiftofToday's backpack collection. They are the perfect everyday bag for busy individuals. They are conveniently spacious that you can simply shove everything you need including your keys, planner, notebooks, laptops and everything else in between in a single organized container. Whether you're a corporate office employee, an adventurous backpacker or a student rushing to school you'll surely love these bags.

1. Jack Skellington Travel Knapsack Bag with a Crisp White Color and Funky Prints.

Nightmare Before Christmas Canvas Backpack School and Travel Knapsack Bag

This versatile bag in white is definitely a utilitarian product with a dash of design. It offers a large main compartment that can easily fit your day-to-day luggage. In this mad world where commuting is more economical and eco-friendly than owning a car, it's vital to be able to bring everything you need with comfort and style. This Nightmare Before Christmas backpack is crafted with a roomy front utility compartment to place your basic essentials. The ergonomic and adjustable shoulder strap gives enough support for a perfect fit. It even comes with a padded back panel made with breathable mesh fabric to reduce the possibility of back pains.

2. The Canvas Laptop Backpack

Anime & Cartoon Canvas Backpack Laptop School Bag Brown

This supersized backpack with a Nightmare Before Christmas font design is great for both traveling and everyday wear. The earthy brownish color gives it a sophisticated look that you can easily coordinate with all kinds of outfit. This bag is rich in texture combining the casual vibe of canvas fabric and the elegance of leather. The Jack Skellington figure is the best design accent to give it a playful look. This bag offers multiple storages with two main pockets, one side pocket, one large zipper pocket, and an interior laptop compartment. If you don't want to compromise style even in you're daily outfits, this rugged backpack is made for you.

3. The Classic Jack Skellington Backpack

Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Paint Splatter Classic Back Pack in Black & White

If black seems too stark for you, choose a classic color combination of white and black. This Nightmare Before Christmas bag is crafted with an old school yet reliable design. It only comes with one large main compartment and a small zippered front compartment. If you want something trendy and sturdy this one is for you. This practical bag with an air mesh strap will surely hold all your belongings.

4. The Preppy Jack Skellington Black Rucksack

Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Softback Laptop Backpack Bag in Black

Nothing says modern, fashion-forward and most of all everyday-pack ready than this stunning Nightmare Before Christmas backpack. Made with high-quality oxford fabric with top-notch polyester stitching this supercool street-savvy Jack Skellinton bag is definitely office-wear material. Its bulletproof design comes with multiple storage compartments perfect for securing your laptop, files, gadget, gears and daily essentials. This modern bag comes with an air cushion belt carrying system with a soft handle strap ideal for a travel enthusiast.

5. The Jack Skellington Practical and Modern Travel Bag

Jack Skellington Large Casual Canvas Travel School Backpack Bag

If you're not a big fan of mixing and matching this black Nightmare Before Christmas backpack might be the right choice for you. Made with a fine mix of polyester and nylon material this bag is a durable option for your daily wear. With it's spacious and built-in storage compartments you'll have no problem bringing everything you need.

The Canvas Tote Bag You Never Thought You Need

Unlike any other bags out there, the humble tote bag, is the bag within a bag. It's one of those things that you mindlessly throw in your adorable little purse, knowing that by the end of the day you have more baggage than you did this morning. This laidback accessory is the perfect statement piece without splurging thousands of dollars. The classic canvas bag is affordable, fuss-free and most importantly it is eco-friendly. This collection of Nightmare Before Christmas canvas bags is a perfect gift. You'll never go wrong with owning one because they're the bag for grocery shopping, bookstore hopping, traveling, office and more.

6. The Navy Blue Jack Skellington and Sally Shopping Bag

Jack Skellington & Sally Meant To Be Women’s Canvas Tote Bag in Navy Blue

Nothing completes a Sunday morning brunch than stopping at your local market. This dark-colored and romantic canvas bag is the best replacement for your pricey shoulder bag. It's what you wear on slow weekends and, it's the cute accessory that completes your vacation look. It's practical and cute at the same time.

7. The Emoji of A Black Tote Bag

Jack Skellington Emoji Pattern Women’s Canvas Tote Bag in Black

This funky Nightmare Before Christmas purse is designed with pictures of Jack Skellington and the thousand mask he wears as a stop-motion figure. This extraordinary tote is one for the goth girls, the introverts, the basic chics and those who simply love pairing everything with black. Crafted with reinforced stitching, this fashionable bag is the ultimate accessory for any ensemble.

8. The Jack Skellington Pop of Colorful Decorations Tote Bag

Jack Skellington Colorful Paint Women’s Canvas Tote Bag in Black

Crafty, colorful and full of fun embellishment this incredible bag is an ideal day-to-day carry-on for the smart and sassy working girl. Just like vintage and worn down band tee, this Tote Bag is one to wear for practically everything. It's has a spacious interior and classic design that will complement every outfit from casual to date night.

9. The Pumpkin King Loves a Beige Tote

Jack Skellington Pumpkin King Women’s Canvas Tote Bag in White

This pastel-colored tote bag with comic design offers the best of both worlds. It illustrates a classy and geeky vibe, making it an ideal bag for the comic enthusiast. If you're the type with the tendency to hoard while shopping, this cute tote provides enough room to store all your necessities.

10. The Tote That Keeps on Giving

Jack Skellington Share Presents Women’s Canvas Tote Bag in Dark Gray

Perfectly embodying, the festive and macabre theme of Nightmare Before Christmas is this adorable eco-bag. The design showcases Jack Skellington giving small gifts to children. This holiday-friendly accessory is the ideal bag to serve as a cute present to your loved ones. Its affordable price tag along with the exceptional graphic print makes it a great addition to your collection.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Leather Tote with A Twist

The sleek leather tote bag had truly transformed from being a minimalist accessory made to flaunt large logos of luxury brands to today's ultimate go-to bag. The history of tote bag came to be during the '40s where it was initially marketed as nothing but a mere "ice bag." Today it had evolved into a classic understated bag with versatile uses. It can be used as a spacious shopper bag that you can carry around from beachwear to chic work-wear apparel. These Nightmare Before Christmas handbags offers a new twist on the paired-down tote. This tote bag collection is crafted with waterproof bi-cast leather made to endure a busy girl's day-to-day routine. Designed with playful prints of Halloween Town characters. Here you can witness Jack Skellington and Sally, Oogie Boogie, Zero and the rest of the cast beautifully reimagined to create a design unlike no other.

11. The "Normal People Scare Me" Tote

Jack Skellington Normal People Scare Me Women’s Tote Bag in Black

Minimalist with a personality. A great bag must serve you with style and functionality. Made with a high-quality carrying strap. This bi-cast leather shoulder bag is crafted with durable stitching and a premium waterproof design. Its spacious interior with multi-purpose pockets makes it the ultimate shove-in bag for every modern girl.

12. Jack Takes Over Christmas Tote Bag

Jack Skellington Eerie Halloween Town Leather Tote Bag in Black

The iconic scene of Jack Skellington riding Santa's sleigh is forever printed in this delightful leather tote. Its whimsical design is sure to stand out amongst the boring minimalist bags often seen in the office.

13. The Geometric Purple Daze Tote Bag

Jack Skellington Geometric Pattern Leather Tote Bag in Purple

If you're a practical shopaholic, then you would love this extraordinary Nightmare Before Christmas characters printed in a geometric pattern. It's the bag you need to accomplish a fashion-forward style without compromising functionality. This statement piece is definitely the pop of color you need in any outfit.

14. The Gloomy Christmas Tote Bag For The Grunge Girl

Jack Skellington & Sally Christmas Collection Women’s Leather Tote Bag

Anyone who enjoyed the Nightmare Before Christmas movie must know that monsters, skeletons, and strange creatures are not exactly a bad addition to the holiday season. In fact, it makes it even more interesting. This Jack Skellington bag is definitely a stunning gift to anybody who has ever loved the movie.

15. The Spooky Black and White Tote Bag

Jack Skellington Design New Women's Large Tote bag

Life’s no fun without a scare. Add a dash of spook-tactic style on your wardrobe, with these black paint splatter artwork handbag. Featuring an extraordinary Nightmare Before Christmas inspired graphic print. This Tote bag is a versatile piece with loud and spunky patterns that will add a dash of color to a minimalist white bag. 



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