25 Nightmare Before Christmas Bedding Sets for a Supercool Bedroom Decor

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Do you want a Nightmare Before Christmas themed-bedroom?

The bedroom is a sacred space of intimacy and solace. It is a personal area in our household where we sleep, store our belongings, and feel comfortable in just being ourselves. Thus the styling and the decoration of our room usually reflect our unique character and personality. If you've been a fan of Nightmare Before Christmas since it's released in 1993. You probably own a good chunk of Jack Skellington and Sally merchandise. Whether it's anything from video games, stuff toys, figurines, and even your bedding set it's a challenge to seamlessly incorporate these accessories with your room decoration.

When fandom and decor collide in a single space, the outcome could easily go from cool and cinematic to catastrophic with minimal embellishment changes. To ensure that your bedroom is a haven for relaxation and quiet contemplations it's important to choose a color palette that would complement your space. Whether you are a morning person who enjoys light hues, a night owl who finds solace in darker tones or a bold person who loves a splash of vivid colors we have gathered the coolest Nightmare Before Christmas bedding set to ace a Tim Burton approved aesthetic.

Before you start redecorating, it's important to declutter your bedroom. Most of the time, our bedroom becomes the receiving end of the chaotic mess from our entire household. However, with a thorough clean up and a quick change of bedsheets, it is possible to avoid a disastrous bedroom design. Here are twenty-five incredible bedding ideas and decor inspirations to make sure that your bedroom is as stylish and dapper as Jack Skellington's pin-striped suit.

1. Jack Skellington "Scare Me" 3-Piece Bedding Set 

This serene black and white Jack Skellington duvet set radiate a timeless appeal. The succinct "Scare Me" pattern easily embodies mischief and grace in your personality. If you wish to capture a modern and minimal style, this bedding is best-suited with a mixture of tones and texture. Playing with gray and white elements to soften the intensity of the black sheets would easily tie the design together. This three-piece set comes with two pillowcases and one duvet cover.

2. Splash of Colorful Paint


Vibrant, bold and playful this stunning Nightmare Before Christmas bedding is an excellent centerpiece for a burst of color in your bedroom design. This set showcases a unique neon color palette that exudes an energetic ambiance. Use it as a centerpiece of a white or sky blue wall for a beautiful funky look. This lightweight and cozy bedding come with one duvet cover and two pieces of pillowcases.

3. Black and White Evil Smile Bedspread

Simple and classic this Jack Skellington white bedding sheet is an attractive option on all kinds of color schemes. This is a soothing choice for anyone seeking a stylish yet chic decor. The freedom to incorporate any color certainly provides a great canvas to showcase your character and personality. This luxurious set is crafted with luxurious brushed polyester fabric to give you a comfortable good night sleep.

4. Gray-Toned Jack & Sally Design

If you ever wonder if there's a more soothing color than blue, then you should certainly try gray tones in your bedroom. This Jack Skellington and Sally duvet covers provide a romantic illustration to your decor. With it's calming gray tones, this color scheme is another choice that provides more room for colorful accents and pattern. Throw in shades of blue using rugs, lamps and pillow and this bedding set will surely transform your room into a peaceful oasis.

5. Festive Santa Jack Bed Cover

This fiery, festive and bold Jack Skellington bedding brings energy and enthusiasm in a room. This color palette is a Feng Shui favorite because it radiates luck and optimism. Waking up to a red-bedroom is similar to an instant caffeine boost. To make this luscious color jive with your design use it as an accent to white, grays or black. This cheerful bedding set comes with one duvet cover and two pieces of pillowcases.

6. Smartly Dressed Jack Skellington in Black & White

This gray and black bedding set with a pop of Jack Skellington artwork is a sophisticated choice for your bachelor pad. A gray palette is a masculine color that brings warmth and coziness to your space. To balance this design, blend it with white and neutral colors. Bring in some striped elements on your decor to truly embody the personality of the Pumpkin King.

7. Purple Patterned Bedding Set

Made for royalty, this purple bedding set with Jack Skellington pattern is suitable for a strong and dramatic look. Combine varying shades of purple such as lilac, lavender, and periwinkle for a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Bring accents of a distinct pattern using drapes, fabrics, and upholstery for a touch of extravagance. This color is a flexible shade that can easily blur the lines of feminine and masculine decor.

8. Nightmare Before Christmas Pop Up in Dark Blue

A minimalist design doesn't need to be boring. Get creative with the color scheme in a room with black walls. Use this graphic printed Nightmare Before Christmas bedding set with orange and yellow undertones for an attractive burst of color. Use furnishings, pillows, blankets or artwork as accents to capture a unified look. Pairing this spooky duvet with some patterned fabrics and textured linens would definitely bring a refreshing scenery to your decor.

9. Angry Red Eyes Bedding Set

An enigmatic and terrifying graphic print of Jack Skellington is featured in this gray-toned bedding set. Filled with a unique blend of grays, purples, and pinks, this duvet is best-suited for contemporary decor. To open up this design, spruce your bedroom with a blue-toned gray wall and elements of purple. Although it looks like a Halloween themed bedsheet, the ultra-soft and lightweight linen definitely make way for a comfortable slumber.

10. Nightmare Before Christmas Cast in Dark Brown

The incredible print of the Nightmare Before Christmas characters is the focal point of this bedding set. The strong graphic image of Jack Skellington, Sally and the rest of the Halloween Town make it suitable bedding for a themed bedroom. The earthy brown, red and dark shades is a neutral color suitable for rustic decor. Using wood elements on your headboards, side tables, and other furnishings would complete the look. To avoid an over imposing dismal atmosphere use light and white billowy curtains to brighten up the place.

11. Orange Rastafari Jack Skellington

Channel a colorful bohemian vibe with this tie-dye inspired Jack Skellington bedspread. This vibrant duvet is a perfect example of a modern twist, where pop culture cartoon icon meets hippie decorations. Make a sanctuary of perpetual sunshine by showering your room with lovely shades of purple, orange, yellow and pink. Since this design is loud and funky, it works best with plain and simple accessories. Frame up abstract artwork, bring some texture on your pillowcases and add some fairy lights to literally illuminate your bedroom.

12. Romantic Nightmare Before Christmas Song in Purple

Most people have a love and hate relationship with purple-themed bedrooms. They're either too feminine or they look like a child's room. However, this Nightmare Before Christmas bedcover is the best ornament to create a contemporary look that appeals to all genders. This dramatic hue is great for creating high-contrast designs. It's a great color to perk up a room add layers of deep purples, with pastels and white for a nice gradient bedroom decoration.

13. Jack Skellington Bow Tie in Red

This fiery bedspread is as bold and fearless as Jack Skellington's voice. This breathable and cozy duvet is an excellent choice for a red color scheme room. Since red is a striking color it works best as an accent color. This bed sheet will easily tie in with both a black and white room. The key to acing a bright red room is using contrasting colors in your decor. For a modern minimalist design use a white bed frame along with this bedding set. To achieve a vintage or a rustic decor refurbishing old cabinets and wood pieces would create an eye-catching combination.

14. Evil Nightmare in Black

At first glance, black and orange seem like an unlikely color combination. However, this Nightmare Before Christmas bedspread features a vibe that isn't solely made for Halloween. In fact, orange is exactly the pop of color you need to pull off a black bedroom design. This cool duvet and pillowcase set comes in a stunning jet black color with a print of Jack's sheepish smile. A black bedroom theme has a tendency to look gloomy, a touch of white and warm orange shade is definitely the kind of accent color you need to get a homey and tranquil vibe. Black and orange balance each other out. Orange is the color of energy, happiness, and enthusiasm that's why it quickly reduces the somber mood of dark colors.

15. Jack Skellington and Sally Midnight Blue

This gorgeous midnight blue bedspread is like a Nightmare Before Christmas storybook. The focal point of this design illustrates Jack Skellington in the middle of a graveyard. This scene is reminiscent of Jack's solitary wonderings as he laments about his boredom in being in charged of Halloween. This fitted sheet has an ideal shade of deep blue to serve as an accent to your blue room. To balance, pair the colorful duvet with light-colored furniture such as white bed frame, wallpapers, pictures, and other decoration to achieve a tranquil and calming effect.

16. Nightmare Before Christmas Cartoon Galaxy

Bring the stars in your room with this exquisite Jack Skellington galaxy bedding. This bed cover and pillowcase set is exactly what you need to achieve that cool space-themed interior decor. To complete that cosmic design, illuminate your room with glow in the dark figurines, fairy lights, and some moon shaped lamps. Any kid, who had dreamed of becoming an astronaut can make it happen in their own bedroom, by cloaking their windows with dark curtains. To level up the design, use intergalactic ornaments such as planet shaped candles and satellite models.

17. Jack Skellington's Dog in Black and White

This moonlit Jack Skellington and Zero bedding is another cosmos related design, only this time it's in a muted black and white palette. Unlike the Nightmare Before Christmas quote, "I am the shadow on the moon at night, filling your dreams to the brim with fright." this marvelous bed cover will fill your room with a serene and elegant atmosphere. The classic color combination of black and white is always a solid backdrop to winning bedroom decor. To make get the most of this high-contrast color scheme a patterned wallpaper or a dash of bright colors can be integrated into the design.

18. Plush Gray and Blue Bedspread

Fall in love like Jack Skellington and Sally with this gray and blue bedding set. Smart, chic and soothing this breathtaking color combination is a modern neutral. Featuring bright and airy colors such as steel blue, gray and yellow this lovely bedspread will look as relaxing as the ocean view. This pillow and duvet set is great for decorating tiny rooms. Simply, frame up a few minimalist artworks or simply add a large mirror in your room to create an illusion of a large space.

19. Jack and Sally Luxe Duvet

This luxurious fitted duvet set of Jack Skellington and Sally is a picturesque addition to your bedroom decor. Crafted with 400 thread count fabric, this extravagant bedding is both cozy and lightweight at the same time. Aside from the splendid linen quality, this bedding is also a great splash of color to a grey-toned room. It brings character and a more cheerful atmosphere to any decoration.

20. Jack Skellington Purple Dreams Bedding Set

The beautiful colors of dawn are painted all over this Jack Skellington duvet and pillowcase set. The elegant shades of purple and blue is an ideal bedspread to be paired with high-contrast colors such as pastel, lavender, and white. This flexible color combination is an ideal decor suitable for a feminine and a masculine room.

21. Golden Jack O' Lantern

Transform your room into a real-life Nightmare Before Christmas pop up book with this sassy, elegant and lively gold and black duvet set. Imagine Jack Skellington roaming around the pumpkin patch as he plots ways to take over Christmas. This design is definitely harboring the colors of Halloween. Although this bedspread might have the tendency to strike fear, overall it offers a charisma suitable for a rustic and earthy vibe. 

22. Pumpkin Patch Blues Bed Cover

Here's a Nightmare Before Christmas decoration that radiates happiness, optimism, and class. The wonderful clash of orange, blue, and brown hues make this bed cover a powerful accent to your room. This design works by incorporating touches of colorful artwork and accessories in your bedroom for a whimsical and colorful ambiance. These bedclothes includes one duvet and two pieces of pillowcases. 

23. Halloween Town Party

For fans of Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas, this linen cover featuring the eccentric cast of Halloween Town is definitely a unique collectible. Despite the vivid graphic print, the color palette used in the image makes way for a peaceful and soothing ambiance. The shade of blue brings a refreshing pop of color, meanwhile, the neutral shade such as white and gray are easy going colors that look impeccable with almost any kind of design elements

24. Sunsets with Sally Bed Cover

This must be the happy ending we never saw in the Nightmare Before Christmas movies. This romantic bedding features Jack and Sally gazing at the moonlit sky. The relaxing earthy tones used in this bed cover is the ideal color palette to achieve a rustic design. The bright contrast of yellow and black makes this bed sheet a wonderful centerpiece to a white or a gray-colored wall. 

25. Disney Jack & Sally

This bedding material could have easily been a parody of Nightmare Before Christmas. Showcasing an image of Jack and Sally, dancing in an elaborate gown. Any Disney fan would notice the obvious Beauty and the Beast reference. Either way, the flamboyant mixture of red and orange is probably the most remarkable part of this design. To successfully channel the bright, vibrant and energetic effect of this bed sheet pair it with tons of colorful and textured fabrics. Make use of blankets, pillowcases, and other kinds of furniture and accessories complement this print. 


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