Are You Ready for A Nightmare Before Christmas Remake? Relive the 10 Spookiest Moments of the Film

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Will Jack Skellington Rise From the Big Screen Again?

Binging on a Disney movie is probably the equivalent of slurping a warm bowl of chicken soup. They bring back the comforting and nostalgic feeling of being a kid again. It's no wonder that Disney film remakes and their live-action counterparts are selling like hotcakes in theaters. According to a Moviehole tipster, the House of Mouse is planning to reimagine or make a sequel of the fan-favorite Nightmare Before Christmas. Although nothing is official yet, it seems easy to believe given the fact that there had been a strong reign of blockbuster Disney flicks in recent years. The release of Aladdin, Dumbo, The Lion King, The Jungle Book, Cinderella and, Beauty and the Beast had proven to be a fruitful investment.

After all, who wouldn't want to sell a Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise? Disney definitely loves to release special Collectibles such as legos, figurines, hoodies, t-shirt, and decorations. Just recently, Loungefly had released a collaboration with Nightmare Before Christmas consisting of bags, wallets, and totes. If the fans love this collection, they would be amazed at the number of apparels that could find at MyGiftofToday, an online store specializing in all things goth, Jack Skellington and Sally and more!

The Nightmare Before Christmas characters offers a unique ambiance, that easily captures the essence and gore of Halloween while maintaining the innocence and merriment of a usual Christmas flick. That is exactly why Tim Burton's stop-motion film continues to enchant children and adults today even after 25 years since it's release. Indeed, the time has come for the Pumpkin King to rise from the big screen again. However, one questions remain: Is Disney up for the challenge? Back in 2006, when Burton was asked about revisiting the story of Halloween Town, he said, "I try to respect people and keep the purity of the project as much as possible." Indeed, it might take a leap of faith to make a follow up to such a critically acclaimed movie. Although anything is possible these days, last 2018, TokyoPop released a comic-book sequel called, "Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero's Journey" which follows the tale of Jack's skeletal dog as he gets lost around Christmas Town.

Fans of the dark-musical must be really excited to see how their favorite scenes would play out. In the meantime, as we wait for these "talks" to come to life let's relive the memorable scenes from Nightmare Before Christmas and remember why Jack Skellington is the best Halloween character of all time. Whether a sequel or a live-action is on its way. It's pretty cool to envision how Nightmare Before Christmas would look like from VHS to the modern CGI effects of today. It would probably feel like getting a car seat cover for your favorite automobile.

1. The Opening Scene, "This is Halloween"

Introductions are made to make a statement and this one does a great job at making sure that the tone of the story is set and all our attention is only focused on the creepy and strange figures popping in front of our eyes. Truly, this is Halloween and they're about to strike fear and steal all the good things in our life, our birthday cakes, our peaceful slumber and most of all change the way we enjoy the yuletide and Halloween season.

2. Jack Skellington Gets Bored of Scaring People. 

Nightmare Before Christmas already does a great job at making sure that the entire film is ingrained in the fabric of our memory. However, if there's anything that could top that, then it would be the scene where Jack walks against the moonlight as the stalk unfurls. This is by far, the most haunting and unforgettable part of the movie. Watching it feels as if, the Bone Daddy really feels the lyrics of his song.

3. Jack Skellington Is Wide-eyed As He Discover Christmas Town for the First Time.

"They're busy building toys...and absolutely no one's dead!" There is fun in irony and seeing the Pumpkin King's lanky and creepy appearance, as he parades along the bright and jolly streets of Christmas Town. It's like watching someone paint over a coloring book. As the show progress, it almost feels like Jack's seemingly evil presence might wreak havoc on the peaceful town but there's nothing to fear. All his intentions are pure even though everyone won't appreciate his efforts.

4. Jack Attempts and Fails to Explain Christmas.

"It's a world, unlike anything I've ever seen." Jack's perception of Christmas might be gross and dysfunctional but it makes an adorable scene. Who doesn't love how he introduces Santa, "And they call him Santy Claws." He makes Santa sound like an improbable monster. Does anyone ever wonder how Jack would like in a live-action remake? Well, if that movie ever comes to life it would be gloriously macabre.

5. Sally Jumps Off A Tower and Sews Herself Together. 

Sally definitely puts a damper on Romeo and Juliet's romance when she fearlessly jumps off the building for the sake of love. The clip gives us intermingling emotions. You feel happy and hopeful for her knowing that she finally gets to be free. However, knowing that the risk might not pay off leaves us with a broken heart. Either way, she's a true image of courage as she sews herself together and takes the first step to love.

6. Jack Skellington the Science Guy.

There's nothing quite as intriguing as watching Jack Skellington as he earnestly plays with the laboratory equipment to understand Christmas. This scene had probably inspired millions to become a chemist, only to find themselves fail as miserably as Jack. Although it's almost sad to watch Jack try, his sincere attempt to take over Christmas is one of the most charming parts of the film.

7. Halloween Town Wraps Fear, Shock, and Monsters as Christmas Gift.

Getting bloody ducks, dead turtles and even poisonous scorpions might not be in the list of things we want for Christmas. However, in the eyes of Halloween Town citizens, these are exactly the kind of surprise that they find delightful. Teaching kids how to see things from a different perspective and allowing themselves to be open about diversity is probably one of the most beautiful lessons of Nightmare Before Christmas.

8. Santa Jack Scares Everyone With His "Gifts".

It's both sad and fascinating to watch Jack Skellington bring fright and screams all over Christmas Town as his gift starts spreading fear over the children. I mean just watching those kids in shock as they open headless figures, luggage filled with snakes, and toys attacking them is just crazy. However, no one can deny that Jack in Santa's costume, has no bad intentions. All he wanted was to give kids joy but he had no idea how to. Well, if he only filled his backpack with plush toys, face paints, dolls, and inflatables.

9. Seeing Jack Saves the Day And Watching Ogie's Unfortunate Demise.

Although the ragtag team of Halloween Town are all terrifying. The true villain of Nightmare Before Christmas is Oogie Boogie. Watching him delight as he wheels Santa and Sally down a boiling hot cauldron make us hate him more. Good thing, Jack came running to rescue them. Oogie definitely got the ending he deserves, seeing him unravel and find his creepy crawling pieces die one by one is definitely a satisfying scene.

10. Halloween Town Frolics In The Snow For The First Time.

All throughout the movie, Santa seemed like nothing but a weak old man. The clip where he puts Jack in his place is fun to watch, "The next time you get the urge to take over someone else's holiday, I'd listen to her. She's the only one making any sense in this insane asylum." Jack learns his lesson and Santa saves Christmas like a real hero. The part where Santa makes it snow in Halloween Town felt like a real good cake topper in a rather dark and macabre setting.

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