Gothic Fashion: 10 Celebrity Approved Goth Looks As Seen on the Red Carpet

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The heart of goth fashion is black. Why wouldn't it be when it signifies, elegance, power, and confidence. Just like black, gothic clothing is a glamorous and enchanting trend that gives an instant air of sophistication to its wearer. Gothic fashion apparel is an alluring trend, that showcases modesty and extravagance at the same time. Making it a staple clothing style in every modern woman's wardrobe. Gone are the days, when goth was tied with death, loneliness, macabre and mourning. Today the goth trend depicts edginess, luxury, and decadence. It's no wonder celebrity looks are donning grunge dark lips, romantic lace, sheer bodice, and stunning gothic outfits even on the red carpet.

Goth Fashion Beginnings

The punk rock and glamorous goth fashion that we know today emerged from the trenches of the 1970s. Back when the mainstream fashion is booming with rainbow-colored pleated skirts and button-down tops. The early goths were seen rocking dark apparel from leather pants, zip jackets, occult jewelry, boots, and eye-catching makeup. The gothic aesthetic is an unusual style, that stood out against the colorful 70's fashion. It's easy to understand why goth became a subculture often misunderstood in the world of fashion.

As it evolved through the years, we had witness how goth clothing changed from the fishnets of the post-punk era to medieval style corsets. These days gothic couture became even more diverse and varied with the rise of emo clothes, lolita fashion and steampunk styles. However, one thing about the gothic trend stood the test of time and that's the color black. In fact, black clothing is a timeless piece in high-fashion and it even has it's own name in pop culture history: the Little Black Dress.

If you're looking for gothic fashion or alternative clothing inspirations. Here are truly captivating ladies from the red carpet who are turning heads in their beautiful gothic dresses. You may not be going to any star-studded Hollywood parties or massive premiere nights but we collected the top goth looks and the best red carpet dresses of all time to give you outfit ideas for fancy cocktail parties, date nights, galas and all kinds of occasions that require a bit dark elegance.

Beyonce Knowles


They say that when you're in doubt, ask yourself, "What Would Beyonce Do?" Apparently, the Bootylicious Queen Bee loves to show off her curves with body-hugging outfits and sparkly sequins. In this photo, she chose to wear a Victorian style long sleeve lace dress to express her inner goth. This goth look gets its inspiration from the 1800s medieval garments with it's flowing skirt and dramatic silhouette. In case you want to recreate this uber-sexy attire, that shows just the right amount of skin without showing too much, you can shop this look here

Nicki Minaj

 Nicki Minaj - Black Steampunk Dress

The Rapper Diva had always been known for wearing a loud and colorful dress. For the 2016 Met Gala, she decided to go for a glamorous steampunk lace dress. This gothic subculture incorporates the romantic views of the Victorian era and some elements of the industrial period. For Nicki Minaj, she blew the red carpet away with a spunky evening dress, with its strappy belt accent and see-through fabric skirt. If you are looking for something similar yet suitable for an everyday glam, you can check out this women's gothic clothing shop.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift - Gothic Black Dress

We all know that the sweet, all-American image and style of Taylor Swift had truly evolved alongside her music career. Since the release of her album, "Reputation" she traded vintage swing dresses for edgier ensembles. Her top picks for style are dark, and vampy cocktail dresses with a splash of color. If you're on the hunt for the same gothic-chic appeal suitable as a prom dress, you can shop this sequin attire here. 


Rihanna - Gothic Leather Dress

After impressing us with her vocals, the Bad Gal Rihanna had been taking both the fashion and beauty world by storm with the release of her Fenty Beauty make-up line and her clothing line. Rihanna had long stun us with her unique street style. On this look, she's wearing a classic black leather dress. This goth fashion characterized by leathers and belts is borrowed from punk subculture, similar to imagery portrayed in Tim Burton movies. To copy her style, shop here. 

Demi Lavato

Demi Lavato - Gothic Half Sleeve Lace Dress

Demi, the sweet Disney Camp Rock star turned rocker chic bombshell. Loves her curves just like Beyonce. Her fashion inspiration had been influenced by punk and rock gothic style. In this outfit, she is wearing an elegant and yet subdued half sleeve lace dress. This formal dress is great for date nights, and casual dinners. To recreate this look shop here.

Lupita Nyong'o and Bella Hadid

Lupita Nyongo and Bella Hadid - Corset Dress Gothic and Lolita Style

Lupita and Bella might not have a similar fashion sense, but they have one thing in common and that is their stunning style in their red carpet looks. These two never fail to impress the Hollywood fashion critics. In this outfit, both personalities are wearing body-shaping corset dresses. This gothic trend is popularized during the medieval times and it had also branched out to become an integral clothing piece in lolita gothic fashion. To get this sexy look shop here.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen - Long Sleeve Gothic Evening Dress

Chrissy is a model mommy with a knack for elegantly put-together designer ensembles. For this photo, the model is wearing her favorite evening style which is leg-lengthening victorian style long sleeve dress. To get this high-fashion look without the expensive price tag, shop here.

Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian West - Gothic Lingerie Corset Dress

The Queen of Contour is not just a fan of keeping her face look sculpted, she's also a fan of making sure that every curve of her body is shown beautifully off in her dresses. Since marrying Kanye West, Kim's style had also adopted Kanye's classic streetwear fashion with hints of dark gothic extravagance. To steal her style, go for fitted corset dresses and lingerie to accentuate your womanly curves. Shop here. 

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande - Corset Dress Gothic Style

The sweet Ariana Grande with her angelic voice is probably the ideal personality to wear the lolita style gothic trend. Lolita goth movement came to rise in Harajuku, Japan. It consists mostly of the corset and whimsical doll-like dresses. It's the only goth subculture fond of bright pink colors and cute accessories. In this outfit, Ariana is keeping it sleek and fabulous with her curve-hugging corset dress. If you wish to copy this lolita inspired trend with a hint of edginess, shop here. 

Scarlett Johansson 

Scarlett Johansson - Black Cocktail Evening Dress

Confident and edgy, Scarlet is probably the epitome of modern fashion. She started her acting career at an early age and now she's a kick-ass mom, who literally kick villains for a living for her role as Black Widow in the Marvel movies. To steal this timeless red carpet ready dress, go for Edwardian style gothic dresses with elements of lace and ruffles. Shop here.

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