Nightmare Before Christmas 25th Anniversary Best-Selling Collectibles: Top 25 Accessories, Apparels & More!

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The film Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas had been a cult favorite since its release in 1993. Despite being considered as an oddity among Disney’s cheerful and non-threatening collection of movies, the spooky stop-motion classic remains as Disney’s most enduring animated classic. For fans that grew up watching Jack Skellington and Sally during the holidays, it seems surprising to realize that this year marks Nightmare Before Christmas’ 25th anniversary.

Who would have thought, that the spindly and scary singing skeleton, the Pumpkin King, with an uncanny interest for Christmas would turn out to be Halloween’s most lasting icon? Jack Skellington’s creation produced more merchandise than any Disney characters.

To celebrate Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas 25th anniversary, we are revealing our shop’s 25 best-selling items from our top five collections.

1. Fans and collectors are all guilty of hoarding cool, cute, sinister and downright weird Nightmare Before Christmas accessories. We collected everything from socks, jewelry to plush toys to give your Jack Skellington kid costume a little upgrade. But here are the top 5 accessories that our customers can’t get enough of.

The Jack Skellington Wallpaper is a fan-favorite for most of our customers because installing it is stress-free, fun and easy. It allows home decorators to customize and add personality to a seemingly plain wall. Hang it over a bedroom, hallway or living room and your home will quickly feel like a part of Halloween Town.


Jack Skellington Painting Modular Canvas Wall Art


Styling an outfit with jewelry adds sparkle and sophistication to any outfits. It lifts boring attire, adds fashion advantage and it’s always an ideal gift for friends and family.  This Jack Skellington ring with "Simply Meant To Be" engraving and this charm bracelet are among our best-sellers because they make ordinary outfits more outstanding.  

Nightmare Before Christmas Engraved Silver Ring


Embellish your hands with this sleek, elegant and understated engraved ring adorned with an endearing black crystal. Meanwhile, garnish your wrist with this alluring charm bracelet festooned with Halloween Town silver trinkets.

Nightmare Before Christmas Charm Bracelet

Lay in the sun with the Nightmare Before Christmas Tasseled Round Towel. Customers love it because of its wide range of application. An ideal home décor as a tapestry, or a wall accent, you can also use it at the beach or the pool for a more romantic and comfortable experience. This Jack Skellington decoration is a definite must-have for both indoors and outdoors activities.

Nightmare Before Christmas Tasseled Round Towel

Our mobile phones are perpetual accessories in our hand, adding a customized phone case adds individuality to our cell phones. These Jack Skellington Galaxy Phone Cases and Jack Skellington iPhone Cases are filled with spell-binding, macabre, graphic prints that any Nightmare Before Christmas fan would love to add to their collection.

Jack Skellington Phone Case's For Samsung Galaxy

 2. People associate Nightmare Before Christmas with the chilly seasons of Autumn and Winter. Perhaps it is the reason why fans love to warm up their cold months with relaxing and comfortable Jack Skellington Hoodie Dresses. Here are some of our top picks that will look great with whatever you’re wearing.

This white and black paint splattered hoodie is edgy, spooky but definitely comfortable.

Jack Skellington Women's Hoodie Dress in Black & White Paint Splatter Design


Grab this light gray pullover to brighten up the gloomy days.



Jack Skellington & Sally Meant To Be Women's Hoodie Dress in Gray


Subdued prints and soft pink colors are the main attraction for this hoodie dress. It’s feminine design charms the casual chic.  


Jack Skellington Pink Sally Women's Hoodie Dress


Are you singing it already? Jack Skellington's voice is among the most memorable aspect of the movie, one of the most LSS-worthy songs of Nightmare before Christmas is “What is This?” Maybe you’d love Christmas as much as Jack with this orange sweater.


Jack Skellington Halloween What's This Women's Hoodie Dress in Orange


Which one is your favorite character? This relaxed fit dark hoodie is indeed a customer fave with its amusing print.


Jack Skellington the Good, the Bad, the Sally Hoodie Dress in Black & Red

 3 Heels may make you look taller but nothing beats the confidence that comfortable footwear can give you. These athletic sneakers are the finishing touches to a great outfit. Mastering the Jack Skellington makeup may not be easy, but this awesome pair of sneaker will make you just as spooky. One of our customers described these lace up sneakers as simple and refined. Check out these best-selling pair that might be the next footwear that will bring you anywhere

Crisp design and bold prints are the main charms of these walking shoes. 

Jack Skellington Splatter Women's Lace Up Sneakers in Black & White

This high-top shoes are a classic. Pair these gray shoes with anything and they will definitely bring some gothic charm to your apparel.

Jack Skellington at the Cementery Women's High Top Canvas Sneakers in Dark Gray


Jack is not your ordinary hero, he’s a complex character that admires both the fright of Halloween and the joys of Christmas. The detailed Jack Skellington drawing of this Emoji shoes shows just how crazy Jack is.


Jack Skellington Emoji Women's Lace Up Sneakers in Black


Dark, dramatic and fun these are the main appeal of Nightmare Before Christmas. This pair of sporty shoes certainly has all the qualities that any Jack Skellington fan would love.



Jack Skellington & Sally Meant to Be Women's Lace Up Sneakers in Black


A pop of color never killed anybody. These purple shoes are for those girls who dare to bring some cheer and style to their wardrobe.


Jack Skellington Pop of Color Women's Lace Up Sneakers in Purple

 4. How is it possible that days can feel so long while nights end in a blink of an eye? Indeed, there’s nothing more upsetting than waking up feeling tired all the time. That’s why we should always invest in high-quality bed sheets. If you're a fan of Jack Skellington ornaments you'll enjoy these great selections of a Bedding set. Maybe the sinister characters of Nightmare Before Christmas enjoy giving people a bit of fright at night but we’re only human and sliding into a soft and comfortable bed at the end of the day is our definition of happiness. Here are our top 5 best-selling beddings on our website.


No ghostly presence or creatures hiding under the bed can interrupt your sleep with these elaborate dark bedding set.

Jack Skellington Bedding Set Scare Me


These vibrant and comfortable bedding set soft fabrics with its burst of color will give your bedroom style and character.


Exclusive Bedding Set for Jack Jack Skellington Lovers


When it comes to home décor the small details matter. Imagine how cool it is to have the Jack Skellington Funko Pop in your room, but if you can't find one this stunning purple bed sheet will complete your bedroom design interior.


 Bedding Set for Jack Skellington Lovers Magical Love Story Design


The elegant colors of these Jack Skellington and Sally bed sheets will make it difficult to get out of bed.


 Jack & Sally Design Bedding Set Idol of Love


The crisp white colors and a dash of fright is the main appeal of these white beddings set.


Black and White Bedding Set Nightmare Before Christmas

 5. Hoodies never go out of style. A good Jack Skellington t-shirt would be a nice summer outfit but come winter time a snuggly hoodie is your best companion. Just like Nightmare Before Christmas, these classic sweatshirts are an enduring staple to our wardrobe. Pullovers are the essential outfit for a chill day at work or at school. Here is the costumer top picks from our shop.

Some clothes go out of style from season to season. This black and white hoodie is always an eye-catching piece with its paint splatter effect.


Jack Skellington Paint Splatter Men's Pullover Hoodie in White


Nothing makes a hoodie stand out more than a stunning artwork. This black Jack Skellington hoodie is indeed a steal.


Jack Skellington Watercolor Moonlight Street Design Men's Graphic Pullover Hoodie in Black


This zippered jacket with detailed 3D graphic print is the perfect finish to add style to your outfit.


Jack Skellington Red Eyes Graphic Printed Men's Pullover Hoodie in Black


This simple yellow pullover will look good on any kind of style.


Jack Skellington Nightmare Before Christmas Casual Women's Hooded Sweatshirt


Bold and dark, this pullover simply emulates the theme of Nightmare Before Christmas.

Jack Skellington Nightmare Before Christmas Bold 3D Men's Graphic Printed Pullover Hoodie


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