Nightmare Before Christmas Stories: 6 Mind-Blowing Conspiracy Theories That Will Shock You

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Have you ever wondered what happened to Jack Skellington and Sally?

The purity of Nightmare Before Christmas had been left untouched since it's released in October 1993. Every unusual aspect of it, from the creeky stop-motion animation style, the enchanting musical numbers, to its child-friendly Halloween theme remains unprecedented up to this date. For the movie's loyal fans, it is both a curse and a blessing to know that Halloween Town remains as strange and as dark as it had always been.

Have you ever wished for another revelation, a sequel, a deleted scene, and an explanation to all the questions left unanswered? 

Nightmare Before Christmas' rise from being a film oddity to becoming a cult phenomenon was unexpected. Its popularity is a slow descent which started with the release of easy-to-watch home videos in VHS and later on in DVD format. Allowing the viewers to play, pause and replay the movie to their heart's content paved way for Jack Skellington and Sally to become a staple Disney merchandise. With it's increasingly intensified exposure, the story of Nightmare Before Christmas began to resonate with its fans. The Pumpkin King's struggle to make sense of a foreign place is a theme that everyone relates to. As the fanbase grew, so is their curiosity to know more about the backstory of each of the Nightmare Before Christmas characters. In this article, we've gathered the most peculiar and talked about conspiracy theories we found lying on the internet. If you've ever wondered about Jack Skelligton's past life, Oogie Boogie's history and how Sally is made, then, you're in the right place.

1. Zero is reincarnated in several Tim Burton movies.

The cycle started with Burton's short stop-motion film called Vincent. It's about a boy who wanted to turn his dog, Ambercombie into a zombie, due to his disturbed desire his family ended up giving away his dog. What if, this dog was eventually adopted by Victor, from the film Frankeweenie and renamed him Sparky. When Sparky died, they buried him in a pet cemetery where his spirit was reborn as Jack Skellington's ghost dog, Zero.

2. Who was Jack Skellington before he became the Pumpkin King?

The origin of Jack is an enigma. Some say he's just the spirit of Halloween. Meanwhile, others believe that he used to be human with flesh, face, and bones. Fans have theorized, that the scariest man in Halloween Town, was burned alive that's why he doesn't have any skin.

Incidentally, people also think that the Tim Burton universe are all interconnected and each of the characters has some sort of connection. Rumors say, that Jack Skellington is actually the deceased version of Victor from Corpse Bride. Given the similarities, such as their affinity towards dogs, vast knowledge about death and similar physical appearance it sounds like a possible idea.

3. Sally could be involved in witchcraft in her past life.

In the movie Nightmare Before Christmas, Sally was the only character to have any sensibilities to stop Jack from his plan to take over Christmas. Her vision came when the Christmas tree, she was admiring was suddenly caught on fire. This means she has the ability to foresee the future. What if, Sally isn't just a rag filled with leaves. Some fans think that Sally could've been a witch during the medieval times and she was dismembered when they found out about her true identity.

4. Nightmare Before Christmas is not a Halloween movie.

The debate may have ended years ago, when Henry Sellick, the director of the film had admitted that Nightmare Before Christmas is intended to be a Halloween movie. However, critics have emerged, that the dark-musical offers a more profound meaning than what it seems. The core of the story is how Jack Skellington decided to hijack Christmas without any permission from Santa, or any understanding of the culture of Christmas Town.

This concept is called cultural appropriation. Basically, it is exploiting another group's culture without asking for permission. Instead of immersing himself with the people of Christmas Town, he took everything under his own hands and attempted to make sense of the holiday through Halloween lens. In the end, he created a twisted version of Christmas with frightening decorations and monstrous toys, resulting in terrified kids and parents. Moral of the story, don't take other people's culture without understanding it first.

5. Halloween Town is an alternative universe for the dead.

As much as Nightmare Before Christmas is a Disney movie filled with child-friendly musical numbers, it is also a dark fantasy film where everyone is essentially a walking zombie. Hence, fans have always wondered what brought all these people to the land of the dead and how they died? Since the gruesome cause of death of Jack and Sally's has already been covered. This time, let's see what fans have discovered about the rest of the Halloween Town citizens. The internet has revealed that the only reason why Sally can keep on poisoning Dr. Finklestein even though he's dead is that he also died of poison.

With the mayor's mood changes, people suggest that he might have been bipolar and he killed himself. While, Zero, with smoke coming out of him was probably electrocuted. On the other hand, Shock, Barrel, and Lock all seem to look pale which might have something to do with being frozen alive or drowned to death. As for the biggest villain of the show, Oogie Boogie, some suspect that he might have been skinned and left in the ground, that's the reason why he's nothing but a sack filled with insects. Being aware of the fact that the cast of Halloween Town is spooky and strange is one thing, but the idea of knowing that they were once alive makes it a notch darker.

6. Halloween Town and Christmas Town represent the Burton and Disney relationship.

It is definitely astonishing how Tim Burton and Disney have managed to continue working together knowing that Burton's gothic style is a far contrast to Disney's bubble gum wholesomeness. It's exactly the reason why speculations regarding Disney and Burton's love and hate relation keeps on popping on the internet. In fact, fans have presumed that Halloween Town and Christmas Town parallels Tim Burton's relationship with Disney. For instance, Disney had several attempts to create a sequel to the movie Nightmare Before Christmas but Burton had always shot it down. He had always believed that there's a sense of innocence and pureness about the film that doesn't need to be retouched.

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