Style Inspirations: 10 Goth Girls of Instagram Worthy of a Follow

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Are you sick and tired of the usual unicorn colored, bikini-clad, and selfie crowded Instagram feed?

Worry no more, because we found the most dazzling gothic girls of Instagram to quench your inner darkness. 

Here is a great selection of gothic influencers to follow on Instagram to sustain your alternative fashion aesthetic. Almost everything from music, art, fashion, and fitness has its own niche on this social media platform. If mainstream is not your cup of tea or you're running low on ideas, the best place to find inventive gothic looks is on Instagram.

Whether you love the edge of emo, punk, victorian, lolita or nu goth these fashion bloggers are absolutely rocking the Instagram game. Their whimsical and quirky style is always worthy of some double taps. Aside from that, their stunning feed will push you to level-up and be more creative with your daily wardrobe.

To make it even easier for you, we even collected some of their best goth fashion looks so you can replicate their style. 

1. The fierce goth blogger of New York: @luanna

gothic girls on instagram luanna

gothic girls on instagram luanna 2

The owner of Le Happy blog, Luanna Perez-Garreaud is a passionate fashion blogger with an offbeat style that propelled her to gain two million followers on Instagram. From her fiery hot red hair to her bold red lip, Luanna has the kind of style that creates a statement. She has a don't-mess-with-me look combined with her 80's punk and 70's hippie style, that photographs phenomenally. Any goth girl would instantly fall in love with her creepers and leather jacket.

2. The OG Influencer who ruled the internet from MySpace to Instagram: @barbiebeth

goth girls of instagram barbiebeth

Back in 2006, when MySpace and Livejournal were a thing. Hanna Beth was an awkward 16-year old, with a passion for sharing her angst and photos on her blog. Pretty soon, due to her natural emo-swag and her jet-black hair, she found herself surrounded by a community of like-minded followers. Sharing her love for all things dark and glitter. Now she's slaying her life as a designer, author, model, and lifestyle influencer.

3. The glamorous redhead with her 80's Grunge Chic appeal: @oliviaemilyx

gothic girls of instagram oliviaemilyx

gothic girls of instagram oliviaemilyx

Red looks exceptional with black. That's exactly what you'll see when you get a sneak peek of Olivia Emily's feed. This product stylish-slash-blogger must be the queen of the goth on Instagram. Black doesn't look basic when Olivia Emily wears it. She styles her look with plenty of spunk and creativity. Boots, chokers, black high-knee socks, and bralettes are her statement pieces. She oozes the elegance of a classic Victorian goth and the sassiness of a natural vamp chic.

4. The edgy fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger: @soothingsista

gothic girls of instagram soothingsista

gothic girls of instagram soothingsista

Carrying her gothic ensembles with confidence and class is Stephani Villa, also known as Soothing Sistah. This multi-faceted beauty blogger is known for her fun and edgy style. She is rocking social media from Instagram to youtube, with enticing makeup videos and inspirational travel photos. This Chinese and Spanish influencer is a fashion adventure, with styles ranging from band tees to statement accessories with mesmerizing pops of color. Her favorite pieces favor comfort and edge, with her stunning leather jackets, floral dresses, beanies, and her beautiful cat-eye liner.

5. The dreamy, artistic and Stephen King aficionado Instagrammer: @vampology

gothic girls of instagram vampology

gothic girls of instagram vampology

A true goth at heart, Danyelle Colton is a self-confessed fan of everything goth from fashion, music, and literature. Majoring in mortuary science and an avid reader of Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King, this incredible goth girl lives, breathes and enjoys the gothic lifestyle. Her style is a vocal and artistic interpretation of goth culture. Her usual outfit is clad with dramatic accessories such as nose rings, large loop earrings, ombre red lips, and thin eyebrows. You can find her posing on photos with her leather jackets, Victorian corset dresses, and edgy t-shirts.

6. The influencer with a passion for all things creepy and cute: @drewdisaster

gothic girls of instagram drewdisaster

gothic girls of instagram drewdisaster
A self-proclaimed style chameleon, Drew loves to share her radiant outfits in a variety of social media platforms. You can find her on Youtube, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. If you have that unusual style bordering between cute and goth, then Drew is probably your go-to girl. She's a much softer version of Nicki Minaj with gothic undertones. Her pastel goth aesthetic is a great in-between if you are looking for an attire that isn't entirely black. Her style is marked by bright colored hairdo, body-hugging dresses, and tall leather boots.

7. The Goth Youtuber who is a part-time content creator and full-time mother: @reereephillips

gothic girls of instagram reereephillips

gothic girls of instagram reereephillips

If she's not filming makeup tutorials or giving gothic outfit ideas on Youtube, Ree Ree Phillips is an amazing vegan matriarch managing her own family. As an avid goth, Ree is the influencer to follow to ace the Victorian and Modern goth look. Her pale complexion and her extravagant makeup look make her an instant Morticia Addams look alike. Everything from the tips of her hair to the ends of her toe is a wonderfully curated goth ensemble. Anyone who loves the dark side should check out her Youtube and her Instagram page.

8. The Gothic Makeup Artist Extraordinaire of Instagram: @sstrazzere

gothic girls of instagram sstazzere

gothic girls of instagram sstazzere

Meet Steffanie Strazzere, a professional makeup artist that works for Kat Von D Beauty. Known for her one-of-a-kind artistry capable of bringing out the beauty even on the darkest and creepiest looks. Her exceptional skill and talent have brought her to international stages, such as the New York Times Fashion Week, and other print platforms such as Vogue Italia, Us Weekly, and Inked Magazine. Aside from her breathtaking art, she is also a parttime cat lady who manages a second Instagram account called @swamp.snacks. She bombards it with adorable photos of her furry friends. If you're not into makeup, you'll enjoy her unique style, filled with dark comfortable flowy dresses and wide sleeve tops. Her show-stopping makeup looks and outfits make her worthy of a follow.

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