Top 10 Accessories and Apparel to Pull Off A Modern Jack Skellington Look

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There are movies that are so iconic that they become a timeless inspiration for style and fashion. This upcoming Halloween and Christmas season, there’s no denying that Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas is a cinematic legend. The film’s impeccable imagery that combines both the horror of Halloween and the enchantment of merrier holidays makes it an outstanding movie.

The star of the show, Jack Skellington, with his lanky frame and sophisticated wardrobe has been instantly catapulted as a style icon synonymous to both the Halloween and the Christmas seasons. To most fans, who feel like emulating the Pumpkin King’s gothic and whimsical style we have compiled a special collection of Jack Skellington inspired accessories and apparel that will let you pull off Jack’s style in your every day look.

We've all seen Jack Skelletington with his impressive striped tuxedo and his colorful Santa Claus costume. But we've never seen Jack, in his everyday streetwear apparel. If we've teleported the Pumpkin King out of Halloween Town, here's are the top ten accessories and apparel that Jack Skellington would probably wear in this modern times.

1. A stylish black pullover sweater with a large Jack Skellington logo. This shirt offers a modern day twist to the Pumpkin King’s tuxedo.

2. Nothing puts together a gentleman’s wardrobe but a nice pair of socks. This elegant ankle sock is illustrated with a daring Jack Skellington in a Tuxedo pattern for a hint of whimsy.

3. Chunky knitted gray cardigans to warm up in the Winter season. This relaxed fit longline cardigan is an ideal piece for the working woman or the busy college student.

4. The contemporary version of the Pumpkin King is bound to be an on-the-go career-driven character. This Nightmare Before Christmas backpack offers enough space to carry all your daily essentials.

5. If Jack Skellington was a woman, she'd be wearing an elegant vintage style midi skirt in exchange of a well-fitted tuxedo. Printed with a stylish pattern of Jack Skellington this fashionable apparel will make any outfit pop out.

6. The ultimate fashion accessory to bring instant sophistication to your look is a wristwatch. This Jack Skellington quartz watch will make sure that you'll never be late again.

7. Indeed, the best handbag to accent all the dark colors that you are wearing is an even darker tote bag. This Jack Skellington shoulder bag will certainly scare all the normal people.


8. Elegant and casual this black and gray zippered hoodie is the perfect layer for the freezing Autumn weather. 

9. Whether it's Halloween or Christmas this Nightmare Before Christmas inspired choker necklace can easily add the right amount of sparkle in your all-black-attire.

10. We all want a piece of leather in our accessory, this dome glass choker necklace is the perfect accessory to finish off your fashionable outfit.

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