Top 4 Fun and Surprising Facts about ‘The Nightmare before Christmas’

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Top 4 Fun and Surprising Facts about ‘The Nightmare before Christmas’

Halloween and Christmas are two festivities that people all over the world look forward to every year. Apparently, only one movie can give us the feel of both celebrations and this is none other than “The Nightmare before Christmas.” This film made a lot of kids and adults go nuts over the main character Jack Skellington who was hailed as the pumpkin king and whether you are a fan or not, there are probably some things you didn’t know about the film. Here are some fun and surprising facts about the Nightmare before Christmas.

  1. Tim Burton wasn’t the Director of the Nightmare before Christmas

You probably have been living all your life thinking Tim Burton was the director of your favourite Halloween film. Unfortunately, Tim Burton was too busy with “Batman Returns” at that time so Henry Selick had to take over as the director of the movie. Nevertheless, Tim Burton wrote and produced the film so it was just fair to say it was his creation.

  1. It All Started with a Poem

Remember the legendary poem, the Night before Christmas? In 1983, while Tim Burton was working on Disney’s “The Black Cauldron and the Fox and the Hound,” he wrote a poem entitled “The Nightmare before Christmas” as a parody of the Night before Christmas. In the poem, he featured Jack Skellington, Zero and of course, Santa Claus. This was basically his inspiration for creating the film.

  1. They Used 400 Heads for Jack Skellington

It is truly hard to imagine how they were able to create such a wonderful animated film without the availability of technologies that we have at present. Significantly, there were special trapdoors for animators where they could easily stretch in and control the puppets. Since Jack Skellington was the main character, he had many appearances in the film and they had to use 400 different heads just for his role.

  1. Henry Selick Gave Jack a Spectacular Makeover

Originally, Jack’s suit which was created by Tim Burton was all black. Henry Selick, thought; however that the plain black suit would blend in to the dark background of the Halloween Town. This was why he gave Jack a makeover and altered the original suit. To make sure Jack Skellington would stand out and would not blend in with darkness, he added white stripes to his dull-looking, black suit. Surprisingly, the makeover was marvellous and it gave Jack Skellington a more pronounced appearance.

Know any other facts about The Nightmare Christmas most people did not know? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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