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Baby Teether Nipple Fruit Food Safety Eating

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    Baby Teether Nipple Fruit Food Safety Eating



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    Is your baby ready to eat fresh food, fruit or vegetables? 

    Would you like your baby to learn and appreciate the new tastes and flavours of fresh food? 

    Do you need something to ease teething pain? 

    Our award winning Fresh Food Baby Feeder for baby's between 4 - 18 months is the ideal solution to give your baby a good start eating healthy and fresh. This feeder will greatly help teaching your child to eat fresh and healthy foods right from the start. The feeder is 100% safe and very easy to use



    Teaching new flavours to baby's is great fun, but can get very messy as well. That is why we have come to appreciate this feeder a lot!  You can simply put a slice of fruit or piece of vegetable in the feeder, firmly close it and hand it to your child. They will accept it as a regular teat, and the flavour and tastes of new food like fruit, frozen yoghurt or veggies will be released by the feeder. Repeat the same fruit a few times during the week, and you will notice how quickly they learn to appreciate the new flavours.

    When done simply clean the feeder and that's it. No kitchen to clean, baby clothes to wash etc. Great fun, easy to use and very healthy for baby.   

    The Fruit and Veggie Feeder in detail 

    • The small holes in the pouch allow the fresh food to pass through in amounts baby can easily handle
    • Safe in baby's hands. Firm "Snap Shut" closure and no sharp edges.
    • High quality silicone material
    • Perfect small handle; lets every baby enjoy the food by him/her-self
    • Suitable for fresh and / or frozen foods (frozen mango for example)
    • Made of excellent silicone material and food grade plastics
      • BPA Free, Phthalate Free, PVC Free, Latex Free, Nitrosamine Free

      Designed with textured surfaces and soft squeezable silicone, this fruit teething teat massages the gums and also soothes teething pain. 

      HOW TO USE

      For best use, simply cut fresh foods such as fruit or vegetables into small blocks or strips or make a puree. Then put the food in the nipple. Firmly "snap-shut" the feeder and present to baby. Enjoy! 

      • Not suitable for children under 4 months.
      • Always be around your child when feeding. Also when using this fresh food feeder.


      • You can start with introducing other food then (breast) milk or formula from the age of 4 - 6 months
      • start with apple, pear, melon, or avocado. Do not provide citrus fruits until at least 1 year.
      • Consult your doctor when in doubt on what to feed and when. You can also check our article on the subject

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